Six Essential Factors That Make Any Relationship Strong

Many of us can tell a number of factors on which relationships can thrive. I believe that some of these factors are more important than others. The most prominent among other factors include care, faith, trust, sincerity, respect, and mutual coordination. Best in my experience, I will advise anyone to focus on these five essential elements of humanity in order to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with their partners. Now, before I move further, I’d ask you to give a minute thought to your existing relationships in order to judge the level of connection you hold with them.

Sincerely I want to figure out the sort of possible relationship that exists these days. Some are by hook or by crook. However, we have husband-wife relation, boyfriend-girlfriend relation, son-daughter relation, mom-dad relation, brother-sister relation, general-friends relation including employer-employee relation, etc. However it is, I can bet you’re engaged in a few of them by various means.

Five Important Factors in Any Relationships

Now, let us go ahead and discuss each of the five essential factors I mentioned above and the impact they have on your relations.


There are periods when it feels like no one cares about us–even those who have committed to caring about us act at times like they don’t.

That comes into mind. How significant is it that we sense that people we care for care about us also?

Pretty darn important.

If I may ask, how long would you continue in a relationship if the soul you’re with didn’t display an inkling of caring toward you? Would it be difficult to muster up the ability to care for them? How long could you pull off sincere caring behavior for another person who regularly disregarded or was simply unaware of your needs?

Say you got caught in a rainstorm, and your partner pulled out their umbrella but told you to get your own. How would you feel?

Wonder if you came home after working an 8 to 10 hours shift and your partner that had been relaxing at home, throughout asked you to prepare dinner–would you rush to the kitchen and continue to knock out a four-course meal?

Perhaps you’re on a stroll with your partner, and you come across a $15 bill. You pick it up, and while holding it in your hand, she grabs it, and says “hello, great, thanks!” Then proceed to stuff in her wallet without batting an eye! Would this give you a stabbing feeling in your gut–or would you wave it off?

When somebody close to you feels a certain level of comfort in your presence, the person’s true colors appear, and sometimes the picture isn’t too bright. Make an observation. How swift vibrant hues become dead and dull, and what’s incredible is the change you feel toward the person occurs in seconds. The question is, what do you do?

When you wait to think about it, this person has given you a gift. Guess what! You’ve just received sight of what the future holds. A new relationship? Wow, what a time saver. It’s perfect! Is there any doubt about what you should do next?

But say you have an unwavering mind that this is somebody you want to commit to, or this is a long-term partner or a spouse? Then what? Do you push the hurt deep down inside as fast as possible and work to erase any lingering effects?

Well, that is denial work–for a while. But the fact that you notice the slight, the abuse, the total inaptness of action means you know. And once you’re aware, you know there is a possibility for more of the same. You’ve got to act!

Nevertheless, care is something you can’t learn from somebody or teach to anyone. It’s a natural thing if someone is in-depth love with his partner care factor has to be there in between. And if it’s missing, then one has to think about it.


Many people have mistaken the term “belief” in-between “faith” and trust since these are like two phases of a coin that correlate to each other. But you must understand the difference between these two terms in your relationship. These two terms hold different significances in themselves! Further, I can define this term as you need to have faith in the person even if you are unsure about certain things/situations at times. Faith is again an important factor that makes a relationship strong. You must have faith in your companion to make the relationship succeed.


Trust is another vital source that leads towards a better relationship with others in life. If you don’t trust your spouse, lover, or partner from the depth of your heart, you’ll never ever succeed in that relationship. Without trust, you will keep moving with doubt on your partner, and it has nothing to do except developing mix-ups in between.


Sincerity or honesty is another factor that is very important in any relationship. It has to work on all phases in your life. Never tell a lie to your partner no matter what the condition would be, be sincere always, and in my belief, being honest with your partner is the best thing one could ever achieve in a relationship. You will be trusted once you have proven to be honesty.


Respect in a relationship requires that you value the whole being of the other person, recognize and accept differences, and are willing to adjust for the betterment of the relationship. Respect at some point also entails that you should never underestimate the capability and limitations of your partner. If you love a person without any regard for the person, it is useless, of no value, pointless and doubtful. Love and respect work hand in hand as one cannot exist without the other.

Mutual Coordination

My dear reader, based on my personal experience, I’d say, if you lack a level of understanding in between, then even if you’re in a relationship for many years still, there must be some gap which you’ll observe sooner or later. Therefore, I believe alongside all other aspects, a decent level of consideration should be there, respect and give value to each other’s opinions and ideas in order to make your relationship a long-lasting one.

In my humble view, I consider these essential factors and facts very necessary in any relationship. We have to give a second thought to all these factors from the bottom of our hearts. It will help our respectful and valuable relationships with others or partners to thrive.

A way that leads you towards honest people in life and developing good relationships with them has limited access. Therefore, go smooth, harmless and respect them as much as you can if you really love them. I wish you happy and fruitful relationship with your parents, brothers, sisters, relations, friends, colleagues, associates, and neighbours. I want to advice you just like every other relationship experts will to do practical things, especially things that we already know but we do not put them into practice. Start to show care, faith, trust, sincerity, respect, and mutual coordination in your relationship. We will surely see the positive changes.